As we've already mentioned, this place is huge, and so we've embedded some handy YouTube videos which will provide a much easier visual walkthrough for tracking these chests down. I am on PS4. These are secret chest locations that you can find in destiny 2 leviathan raid secrets and there is a lot that you can find Become a Sponsor and get exclusive sponsor benefits! This site © 2021 Gamer Network Limited, a ReedPop company. Destiny 2 - Conduit Hidden / Secret Raid Chest Location (Conduit Key Required for Conduit Chest + Solo Unlock Method) - Leviathan Raid. More Info and Help. Even as all the motion takes place in Dominus Calus’ palace, there’s additionally an difficult underground (internal?) The aqueduct, drain and irrigation keys are items in Destiny 2 that you get during the Leviathan Raid. Follow the tunnel and you’ll reach a room with a large spinning circular path at the end. No part of this site or its content may be reproduced without the permission of the copyright holder. Once you've done this, you'll see a message saying “The doorway has opened”. community of tunnels that lead around, through and between the quite a lot of undertaking (and challenging) rooms. Climb up and you will see a narrow gap in the wall, there used to be a waterfall here that you just turned off with your team. INCLUDE Destiny 2 for players to earn enhancement prisms and ascendant shards and not just Nightfall: The Repeat. Here's a video which'll show you how to skip certain encounters within the Leviathan Raid using the Underbelly so you can pick up where you left off, or replay your favourite sections without battling through everything else. For more on Destiny 2, be sure to check out our wiki. 1 Lore 2 Sources 3 Upgrades 3.1 Column 0 3.2 Column 1 3.3 Column 2 3.4 Column 3 3.5 Column 4 3.6 Column 6 This weapon has the following lore associated: The Chaperone can be … It’s also a great resource for glancing at whenever you need to get your bearings or decide what turn to take at a corridor. After all that, you’ll have to enter the labyrinth … Head back up, and at around 1:40 in the video below you can see where this new doorway actually is. Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy brings additional content. It'll then plot you a route to follow, which is very useful indeed. Although there are shortcuts to be found in the Underbelly - and be warned the area is enormous - you won't actually be able to access an area until you've beaten the encounter it contains. Aqueduct Chest Make your back into the Transfer room through the door directly to your right as you exit the chest room (in the same corner you're currently in). Microsoft Flight Simulator Tweed New Haven Airport Add-On Announced by Orbx, Scott Pilgrim vs. You're able to select which area of the Leviathan Raid you're starting from and where you'd like to go. Close. These chests have a … One of the keys is called the Aqueduct Key and finding its corresponding Aqueduct chest is going to require a bit of climbing. Interactive Map of the Leviathan Underbelly. Posted by 2 years ago. All Rights Reserved. For these, you’ll have to get one of the Destiny 2 Irrigation, Aqueduct, Drain and other keys, and then solve the Leviathan Raid lever combination puzzle. How to Get Labyrinth Chest Keys in the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid. We'll continue updating this guide over time, so stay tuned for more! Destroyer of Worlds Quest – Legend of Acrius. Start scaling the wall using pipes and ledges so that you can reach the top and access a tunnel. Home » Guides » Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid: How to Find the Aqueduct Chest. Destiny 2 expand_more Beyond Light Play for Free Shadowkeep Forsaken. Once you've got it in your inventory, you can go ahead and unlock the chest. To reach these levers, simply have the Fireteam drop down from the walkway you start on, and fall onto the parallel walkway beneath. 0. They’re used to open a couple of…. In order to open them, you’ll need specific keys. I have 1 Armory, 1 Aqueduct, and 1 Ventilator key. Posted by 2 years ago. ... You solved this as you were on the wrong side BUT my team was hunting for the Armory chest and we all had that said key. Once you have the key, you can access the Aqueduct chest by starting at the spawn point for the Leviathan raid (this will just make it much easier to navigate). Welcome to the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Chests locations guide that helps you find the total of 9 Chests locations in the PS4, Xbox One & PC open world Action-RPG FPS game. ... DESTINY 2 TWITCH PRIME DROPS. From left to right as you face them, the three pillars each provide a pair of levers: 1 + 2 on the first pillar, 3 + 4 on the second, and 5 + 6 on the third. Details: I ran Last Wish with group I found through LFG, took like 5 hours due to teaching 2 other guys in the raid, and at Riven 1 guy dropped out, it was 2am and everyone was burnt out and left. I got the aqueduct key for the baths and was able to solo it (just a legendary engram and 3 tokens for me). Breaking news: If you prefer to be guided by video, check out Violent Privilege Gaming’s walkthrough here. Destiny 2 has grown enormously since September 2020, and it may all seem a bit confusing in the beginning, so we’ve produced the guide. It can be dismantled to generate Glimmer, Gunsmith Materials, and Legendary Shards. These keys are obtained from beating certain encounters in the raid. Once you have the key, you can access the Aqueduct chest … Don’t enter that circle, instead jump up to your left to find the Aqueduct chest. Editor’s UPDATE #3: We've added in a brand new section right at the top of this article which highlights an interactive map that'll help you navigate the Underbelly. These are obtained by completing the trials Calus sets for you. Here's everything we know so far about the returning mode. It's from this point that you'll get a visual guide of how to actually reach the Ventilator chest and get at the goodies inside. It's packed full of enemies too, so make sure the Fireteam sticks together while exploring. If you've already worked through the whole lever combination process, check out the video from around the 1:50 mark, as it'll lead you right from the room to the chest itself. In the video below you'll be able to track the exact location of The Drain chest, starting right from the point where you pull the levers in the lower walkway room. You gain the Aquaduct Key by beating the Royal Pools encounter of the Leviathan raid. AQUEDUCT CHEST IS MISSING. Destiny 2 drain key all destiny 2 all raid chest locations destiny 2 raid walkthrough leviathan destiny 2 leviathan loot chest locations destiny 2 the drain edz Destiny 2 Irrigation Aqueduct Drain Key Leviathan Raid Loot ChestsDestiny 2 Irrigation Aqueduct Drain Key Leviathan Raid Loot ChestsDestiny 2 Aqueduct Irrigation Drain Transfer ArmoryDestiny 2 How To… Read More » These chests are located in the “underbelly” of the raid, the largest maze in the Destiny franchise. Destiny 2 Irrigation, Aqueduct, Drain Key- Leviathan Raid Loot Chest Locations. ... Well, as you beat various bosses in the raid, you're going to have a handful of keys added to your inventory: Aquaduct, Drain and Ventilator. Please read the sidebar rules and be sure to search for your question before posting. You can also use this zone as a shortcut to different parts of the raid. It's about 2:10 in the video below where the team finishes pulling all of the levers and actually enters the Labyrinth itself. View the Prestige Raid page (includes guides and loot) View the Challenge Mode page. In Destiny 2, players who dare to venture into the Underbelly of the Leviathan Raid can find nine secret chests waiting for them. You’ll also need to find them in the labyrinth. Well, as you beat various bosses in the raid, you're going to have a handful of keys added to your inventory: Aquaduct, Drain and Ventilator. How to find all three secret chests in the Underbelly portion of the Leviathan raid. They’re used to open a couple of secret loot chests in the Leviathan raid. To open up the Labyrinth, you simply need to pull the levers in the correct order and do so pretty quickly. This guide will show you exactly how to get the Aqueduct chest. Originally, a 2D version of this map was created by redditor “addesso” while another Destiny 2 player and redditor “ScoobyDeezy” took it upon themselves to make it even easier viewing. Pipeline, conduit and ventilator chests are secret loot caches in Destiny 2 Leviathan raid. From there, go up the steps and up the first two ramps as if you were heading into the actual raid, but then hang left and stick to the wall. Whenever you defeat a boss, the chest will be in the vicinity, and it’ll be hard to miss. Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost guide - Release time, Activities and Rewards, Destiny 2: Fragmented Souls guide - How to farm and get more, Destiny 2 Last Wish guide: How to beat Kalli, Shuro Chi, Morgeth and Riven, Destiny 2: How to get the Whisper of the Worm, Destiny 2: Beyond Light - Everything we know so far, Destiny 2: Trials of Osiris - Release date, rewards, and new features. If you don't kill the Watchers within three seconds of being spotted, more reinforcements are summoned and you'll have to start again. Our Underbelly guide explains the correct lever combination, and where to find the Aquaduct, Drain and Ventilator chests. Question. The reason the keys are named is that they each open a very specific chest within the Labyrinth, the area under and around the actual Raid segments you’ll play with your Fireteam. Help … In our complete Underbelly guide, we explain how to access this area by entering the correct lever combination at the start of the raid, then actually track down the keys once you're inside. Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons guide. Seasons expand_more Season of Arrivals Season of the Worthy Season of Dawn Season of the Undying. Although we've got a brilliant map for you in the section below, we still thought it best to highlight another fantastic map that'll help you navigate the Underbelly. That way THIS WHOLE GAME would be exciting to play. This guide will help you get that sweet loot by showing you how to use Destiny 2 aqueduct, drain and irrigation keys and locations of the … Welcome to Destiny Reddit! Here's a very brief video of the combination in action. The World: The Game – Complete Edition Receives Limited Physical Release, Microsoft Flight Simulator Santorini International Airport Add-On Released by JustSim, Black Ops Cold War Mid-Season Update to Bring New Fireteam Map & Zombies Mode, Microsoft Flight Simulator F-15 Add-On Gets Release Date & Pricing Info With Bonus F-22 Raptor Tease, Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid: How to Find the Aqueduct Chest. Destiny 2: Underbelly guide - Lever combination and how to find the Aquaduct, Drain and Ventilator Chests. Above we’ve embedded a brilliantly constructed map of the Leviathan Underbelly which shows its entire layout in a really helpful 3D format. Sadly, as mentioned in our official review, things can be quite a slog at times.The power … Be ready for a pretty intense firefight just before you reach the room. Destiny 2 how to get keys for the 用水路 の宝箱をソロで開ける destiny動画配信所 leviathan underbelly code solo how to successfully loot all 9 leviathan knight Destiny 2 Irrigation Aqueduct Drain Key Leviathan Raid Loot ChestsDestiny 2 How To Solve Lever Puzzle In Leviathan Raid SoloLeviathan Underbelly Code Solo How To Unlock Every Shortcut InDestiny 2 Irrigation Aqueduct… Now, exit the room and make your way up the ramp to your right. They’re hidden in a maze under the city in which the raid takes place. View activity on Props to this Redditor for creating it, and here's the link to the map itself. After each trial before Callus, the Raid boss, fireteam members will receive a key to the same chest key. I am on PS4. Make sure you communicate with your team as the levers are pulled. Missing raid keys in destiny 2 Yep same thing happened to me today I had the engine key and aqueduct key and as soon as we found the chest I couldn't open it so I went to my inventory to see my keys gone I got the engine key from passing hunt grounds and the aqueduct key from bathing room. On the other hand, there are the hidden loot chests. You need a full Fireteam of six to scatter around the room and stand near each lever in order to pull them all at the same time. The video below shows exactly where to locate it within the Labyrinth. Thankfully this map makes it far easier to know where they’re located in relation to everything else. These keys open up an associated Underbelly chest, inside of which contains more of the delicious loot you came here for in the first place. The Chaperone is an exotic shotgun that can be obtained in Destiny 2. Close. If you found the video helpful, do give it a thumbs up to support the creator and consider subscribing to their channel also. It can be dismantled to generate Glimmer. In order to actually open the chests here, you'll need to use the keys that have been collected by the Fireteam: Aquaduct Key, Drain Key, Ventilator Key. Raid chests are usually filled with great loot, so you wouldn’t want to miss these. 0. Are there 4 to 5 other players for a quick assist in Leviathon underbelly? Community expand_more News My Clan Clan Search Find Fireteam Forums Groups Creations Comics. As per the videos below, the method of collection requires a player to leave the proper bounds of the map, then hitting up chests from the outside. It is in this labyrinth that players will find the areas where they can use their Drain key, their Aqueduct key, and their Conduit key. One of the keys is called the Aqueduct Key and finding its corresponding Aqueduct chest is going to require a bit of climbing. For the Destiny shotgun, see The Chaperone (Destiny). Why would you want to enter this part of the raid instance though? Gameplay guides Question. Irrigation, Aqueduct, Drain Key- Leviathan Raid Loot Chest Locations. To get inside, you're first of all going to have to pull a series of levers in the correct order.